My Juniper Bonsai Tree Is A Great Addition To The Office

I have been very intrigued by bonsai over the last few years after knowing a few people who have had some bonsai trees. I even had some coworkers who had several bonsai trees in the office and they loved taking care of them and letting the trees create a serene and relaxed work space. I got my own bonsai tree for my office area and it has been a lovely addition.

My bonsai tree of the juniper kind has worked out well for having a refreshing office space. The tree is a beginner bonsai tree and it is perfect for me, as someone who hasn’t had a lot of bonsai experience. My tree has been an awesome addition to the office and I have enjoyed taking care of it daily and seeing it thrive.

The Juniper bonsai tree ended up being a great addition to my office space and I have loved working with the tree on my desk. The tree helps me to be productive and to have the perfect environment to get lots of great work done. I love seeing the beauty of nature and the simplicity of it. Caring for the tree gives me a lot of satisfaction and I am always happy to be greeted by the tree in the morning.